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Corfe Hills School

A Level Art - Year 12

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Mika has begun the year with a focus on flesh … and a lovely set of pig’s heads. Rich of colour and textural vibrancy her work looks good enough to eat. And that is the point as she grapples with our passion for meat and the need for reflection on our ever growing animal consumption. Exploring paint techniques and elements of mixed media has delivered a really thought provoking body of work. We’re looking forward to what’s next and whether it requires another trip to the butchers?


Anjum continues to produce work busy with ideas and full to the brim with inquisitive experimentation. Starting with researching the Flemish movement of Vanitas, Anjum explored elements such as flowers, skulls, feelings towards mental health and 3D qualities such as card and wire to boot. Anjum’s work always takes you on a journey, sometimes without a map or compass but getting lost along the way is half the fun as the outcomes are always worth the walk.


Ellie has started Year 12 as she ended GCSE with passion, confidence and a desire to experiment at every opportunity. Her interest in colour, texture and combining her mixed media approach through photography, textile techniques and wonderful eye for portraiture have produced work of real intrigue and curiosity. Whether it’s the ability to survive with merely an hour or two sleep a night or a Delorean parked in the garage, Ellie has created work at a staggering rate and will need a horse and cart to take her portfolio home with her at the end of the two years.


Lucy has shown a real flair for fashion illustration this year using traditional drawing techniques alongside digital ipad versions. Her Year 12 work has been about fast fashion and the throw away culture mixed with a high end aesthetic. It will be interesting to see where her love of textiles and alterations take her art into Year 13.