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Corfe Hills School


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Caitlin has produced a VAST array of work ranging from expressive coloured portraits full of texture and vibrancy to a personal interpretation of perception, societal pressure on woman and the darker scarier side of the circus. Don’t view her work with the lights off!!!  A delightful student always keen to improve and seek the answer to life’s questions through her creative output. All the best and keep an eye out for her work in a gallery near you.


Jess is a fan of faces. Ranging from literary interpretations of her friends, using words and paragraphs to sculpt their faces to shattered portraits of people and their architectural surroundings. Along the way her acute ability to define features and likenesses with sharp detail and delicate textures have produced work that leaps from the page. Full of ideas and not afraid to express her feelings followed by a burp!!! Pardon you … We wish you all the best on your next stage of artistic endeavours.


Laura has found the hidden meaning behind oranges, pomegranates and apples in her journey through fruit in art. A constant dedication to refinement in her pursuit for the truth of light, texture and colour. A positive and confident member in the studio her ideas and support of her peers is a massive strong point. We really hope she continues to paint while she helps to save the world in her medical future.


Megan has shown an eclectic array of creative ways to attack issues such as friendship, race, gender and the power of the media. Brave and not afraid to try new things to solve a artistic conundrum she has produced work of energy, vitality and many a torn frayed edge held together with a stitched line and a safety pin … always the punk aesthetic !!! We wish her all the best on her onward creative path and look forward to welcoming her back with new stuff very soon.


Neve has depicted everything from natural forms to fish, from galloping horses to astrological illustrations of friends with horns. A great eye for colour and a subtle blend of a coloured pencil, Neve has really flourished over the last two years and has shown that scientists can be creative too. She has always seek to explore the inner workings of the subject matter and has produced work full of accurate detail, movement and life. All the best on whatever you intend to do next, no doubt it will be done with confidence and intrigue.