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Corfe Hills School

A Level Photography - Year 13

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Harry is a true professional. Producing work of consistent quality and class beyond his years. Subtle relationships between colour, shape, light and a keen eye for a slick piece of product placement. High end electrical equipment to booze with an insightful exploration of the hidden depths of portraiture sandwiched in between makes a very visually tasty meal. Harry will go far in whatever path he takes because no man that wears a fleece with no socks with such panache deserves not too.



Hattie has a strong personal style and knows what she wants and will damn well work her hardest to get it. From subtle lighting, collecting of personal props and staging to creating a narrative arc to her shoots. A fan of mise en scene and storytelling, this seeps through every pore of her work. Memory, grief, loss and the relationship between generations and nature itself makes Hattie an auteur of the future.


 Jess has shown over the last two years an inventive repertoire of photographic tricks. Ranging from abstraction and tin foil Mountains, Still life and the haunting beauty of dying flowers to beautifully shot cakes and friends with sweets for eyes. Jess has always been open to new ideas and taking her work to the next level. The road forward for Jess looks bright and we only hope that her energy and thirst for her art takes her to where ever she wishes to go.