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Corfe Hills School

Aims, Values and Objectives

High Expectations

At Corfe Hills School, learning is at the heart of all we do.  We believe that every member of our community will succeed through their love of learning, collaboration, and resilience. High expectations underpin every lesson and every conversation.

Exceptional Individuals

We value each and every member of Corfe Hills School.  As a community, we are committed to developing exceptional individuals who excel in, and beyond, the classroom.  We believe that a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum leads to excellent outcomes.

It is expected that all students will follow The Corfe Hills Way:

The Corfe Hills Way

1. I try my hardest and enjoy my learning

2. I do as I am asked, the first time I am asked

3. I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing

4. I take pride in the presentation of my work

5. I take responsibility for my learning and the learning of others

6. I respect others, their opinions and their personal space

7. I respect my school environment

8. I have the correct equipment at all times

9. I wear the correct uniform at all times and look smart

10. I take part in extra-curricular activities and contribute to the Corfe Hills community.