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Corfe Hills School


Click here to view the Anti Bullying Policy for Students

To report bullying:- 

Students can talk to any member of staff to let them know if they are being bullied or if they are aware of someone being bullied.

They can also talk to the members of the Student Support Team or email their House Student Support Manager directly :–

Mrs Burridge - aburridge@corfehills.net for Lulworth

Ms Clarke - cclarke@corfehills.net for Kimmeridge

Miss Vincent - lvincent@corfehills.net for Sandbanks

Anti-Bullying Internet Resources

Ditch the Label

Anti-Bullying Alliance

Bullying UK

Young Minds

The Mix

Diana Award/ Anti-Bullying Alliance

Corfe Hills School has been awarded the Silver Award for its anti-bullying work from the Anti-Bullying Alliance. Over 31 Anti-bullying Ambassadors have been appointed and have attended Anti-bullying training run by the Diana Award alongside taking part in Anti-bullying week.  The silver status was awarded for the work we have put in over the last 2 years.

For more information about the Diana Award and the Anti-Bullying Alliance please use the links below.  



Anti Bullying Week

At Corfe Hills we take part in Anti-bullying week which takes place in November every year.

Each year follows a different theme and Students and staff focus on how we can be informed about bullying; what it is, how it takes place, and how it can be prevented. Students have assemblies, tutor time activities and Anti-bullying Ambassadors take a lead on raising awareness.