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Curriculum Intent

At Corfe Hills School, students learn to the max in all that they do.  Our intention is to ensure all students make outstanding progress and develop in their character and creativity. High expectations underpin every lesson and every conversation.

We value every member of Corfe Hills School community and we are committed to developing exceptional individuals who excel in, and beyond, the classroom.  We believe that a broad, deep and knowledge rich curriculum leads to excellent outcomes and prepares our students to make a positive lifelong contribution to society.

At Corfe Hills School, students will:

  • experience a knowledge rich curriculum;
  • develop character and creativity;
  • learn to the max every lesson;
  • be equipped to make a positive lifelong contribution to society.

Students experience a knowledge rich curriculum

  1. At Corfe Hills School, students access a broad, deep and knowledge rich curriculum that is more ambitious than the National Curriculum.
  2. Our students have access to a wide range of subjects for as long as possible including two modern foreign languages at KS3 with the option to continue both at KS4.
  3. At KS4, all students have access to the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) pathway and are strongly encouraged to consider this pathway when making their options choices.
  4. Our curriculum supports physical development and promotes positive attitudes to health and wellbeing.
  5. Our curriculum is expertly planned and sequenced to enable all students to progress to clearly defined end point.
  6. Our curriculum provides every student equal opportunity for success, including the most vulnerable.
  7. Our curriculum enables all students to develop a love of reading and closes the vocabulary gap.
  8. Our curriculum aims to close the cultural capital gap through deliberate choice of curriculum content and learning experiences.

Students develop character and creativity

  1. At Corfe Hills School, every encounter is underpinned by the Corfe Hills Way and our First Impressions Cards ensure every student is clear about the expectations of a Corfe Hills student.
  2. All students in years 9 and 10 participate in The PiXL Edge which is a character development programme that focuses on key areas of Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication. Students are supported to be proactive in developing character is through exposure to new activities, challenges and experiences.
  3. Sixth Form students complete the Senior Diploma, a personal development programme that combines aspects of personal and professional development as well as raising confidence and developing aspiration.
  4. Students at Corfe Hills School participate in a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities that are designed to be accessed by all.
  5. Excellence in sport and the performing arts are promoted through a wealth of annual events including our outstanding school productions, Dance Live, sports teams and sports tours.

Students learn to the max every lesson

  1. Our ambition to ensure all students ‘learn to the max’ is communicated clearly and frequently to all students and their parents. Students are explicitly rewarded for ‘learning to the max’ through the school’s rewards system.
  2. We wholeheartedly believe that behaviour is the bedrock of all learning experiences and ensure that students experience calm, safe and efficient disruption free learning environments.
  3. All learning experiences begin with a low stakes quiz that ensures prior knowledge is embedded and any knowledge gaps are identified.
  4. Learning is maximised by being sequenced to build upon prior knowledge and to address knowledge gaps
  5. Students receive regular and purposeful feedback that drives their improvement and ensures they are clear regarding their areas of strength, areas for development and actions to achieve targets.
  6. Students are trained and supported to develop effective learning habits.

Students are equipped to make a positive lifelong contribution to society

  1. We deliver an excellent education that ensures every Corfe Hills student can achieve exceptional outcomes at both KS4 and KS5.
  2. We are committed to the personal development of the whole student through spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences to ensure that they are prepared for life in modern Britain. Students are encouraged to take part in a range of sporting, cultural and charitable activities.
  3. We provide excellent careers education, information, advice and guidance to ensure that every student has access to the best progression routes available at post 16 and post 18. Students are offered opportunities to experience the world of work, visit universities, colleges and local businesses in addition to external speakers providing impartial information in workshops and assemblies.
  4. We are committed to providing a wealth of opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through our house system, prefect team, sixth form leadership and a wealth of other opportunities both within the school and in the local community.