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Corfe Hills School

Eligibility for School Buses

This information relates to students living within Poole.

The table below shows the criteria a child needs to meet in order to qualify for transport assistance.  This is a summary - the Borough of Poole’s full Home to School Transport Policy is published on their website: poole.gov.uk/hometoschooltransport


Distance between home and school

Do I have to be on a low income to qualify?

Nearest suitable school (or catchment)

3 miles or more


Nearest suitable school (or catchment)

2 miles or more


One of the 3 nearest suitable schools

Between 2 and 6 miles


Nearest suitable denominational school - attended for religious reasons

Between 2 and 15 miles



  • Your nearest suitable school is usually your catchment area school, but not always.

  • If you are not offered a place at your nearest suitable school you may still be eligible for transport assistance provided your child attends the next nearest school with a place available and meets the criteria in the table above.

  • If you are not offered a place at your catchment area or nearest suitable school because you did not apply or your application was late, you will not be eligible for transport assistance.

    The distance to the school is measured along the shortest, practical walking route using public roads and footpaths which would be safe for an accompanied child. Measurements are completed using Geographical Information System (GIS) maps, provided by Ordnance Survey. This is the Borough of Poole's published method of measuring and to ensure consistency alternative methods to determine distance (e.g. AA Routefinder, pedometers ect) are not used.

This information relates to students living within Dorset.

Free school transport is for children from reception up to Year 11 who meet the eligibility criteria.  The table shows which students are eligible.  This is based on the safe walking distance from the school and other criteria:

Year group

School type

Distance from school

Additional criteria

Year 7 to year 11

3 nearest schools

Between 2 miles (shortest walking) and 6 miles (shortest driven)

See website for qualifying benefits.


Year 7 to year 11

Nearest religious/faith school

Between 2 miles (shortest walking) and 15 miles (shortest driven)