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Governing Body and Trustees

To contact a member of the Governing Body:

Email: Clerk to Governors clerk@corfehills.net

As a school, we subscribe to the National Governors Association Consultancy and Training service.

Governors 2019 -2020

Governing Body Terms of Reference 2019-20

An Overview of Governance, Composition and Responsibilities

The Articles of Association for the Academy Trust, provide detailed information about the structure of the governing board.

Corfe Hills is an Academy Trust which means it is a charitable company limited by guarantee. It has two layers of governance which comply with the Trust's Articles of Association and its Funding Agreement with the Department of Education.

Firstly, there are between three and five Members of the Trust whose responsibilities are to appoint trustees and statutory duties including approving the Trust’s Annual Report and Accounts.

The current Members of the Trust are listed in the Trust Annual Accounts and Report.

The second layer consists of the Governing Board called governors or trustees. The Governors have the final say on all overarching strategy and policy matters albeit in practice, they work with the school’s senior management team. There are currently 14 governors, each of whom has specific skills, 2 of whom are elected parent governors and 2 are staff governors. Governors have equal voting rights in accordance with academy articles.
In summary, the key functions of a governing board are: to ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; to hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; to oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent. In order to fulfil these functions efficiently, each governor has a strategic role and responsibilities monitoring the School Improvement Plans, “eyes on hands off”.

The annual trust accounts and report to parents and stakeholders are produced in the Autumn Term and can be found on the school web site. The full governing board meets twice each term with reports from individual governors with specific interests (English, Maths and Science Data and Standards in particular also Finance, Personnel, Estates, Safeguarding, SEND, Local Authority Care, Pupil Premium, Health and Safety, Estates, Admissions, Discipline and Complaints, CEIAG and Marketing) and small working panels which are established as necessary to report to the full governing board.

Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of Delegation

Attendance Record Full Governing Board Meetings 2018-19

Attendance Record Full Governing Board Meetings 2018-19

Governors Information 2019 - 2020

Governors Information 2019 - 2020

Summary Declaration of Interests 2018 to 2019

 Summary Declaration of Interests 2018-2019

Meeting minutes for Full Governors Meetings

Non-confidential full governing board minutes are available from the Clerk.

If you would like a copy please email clerk@corfehills.net