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Corfe Hills School

Headgirl & Headboy Welcome

Corfe Hills Sixth Form is a very supportive community. In fact, I find that one of the main pulls of Sixth Form is the support that is offered for help with subjects. Almost every lesson has an after school session once a week, and teachers are always available at the end of an email.

The next steps after school are also particularly focused on, not just university. There are so many open days to unis, career fairs, and more that really give an idea of all the multitude of options that are available for A-level graduates. Especially in a world where the job market is getting increasingly more competitive, Sixth Form really helps to prepare you in the best way for whatever route you want to take.

As classes are often so small it is a more friendly and intimate setting between you, your peers, and your teacher. The individual is much more valued as there is more time to focus on a student’s specific progress and needs. Additionally, because the subjects are so challenging, the bonds between you and your peers are hugely strengthened. The friends you make in sixth form will last a lifetime, an aspect that I think it is important not to undervalue as student welfare should always be at the front of any endeavour at school.

Dulcie Phillips, Head Girl

Corfe Hills Sixth Form is so much more than just something to do after GCSEs. It is not just a path to Univers­­­­ity, it is a journey of thrilling opportunities, interactive learning and being part of a strong community.

From the start the parallel of Sixth Form to lower school was clear you feel immediately more respected and cared for by teachers allowing closer and more open relationships which makes it easier to talk over work and the difficulties you may face. Not only is the learning made easier, Sixth Form provides endless opportunities in a wide range of trips, clubs, courses and shows. Whether you have a sense of adventure, a passion to win, a desire to push yourself or ambitions to further your learning there’s something available for you. Whether it be the sports tour to Dubai, the Duke of Edinburgh course, Rock Challenge, football after school or the Christian Union at lunch, Corfe Hills Sixth Form provides endless possibilities.

Furthermore, if you want to start something such as a new club or give your opinion, the Sixth Form is eager to listen, adapt and change where possible to make your school life even better.

Henry Lancaster, Head Boy