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Homework and ‘Out of Hours Learning’

Students are regularly asked to complete work at home in order to aid learning and enable increased progress.

This can take many forms including:

  • extension tasks which build on work completed in class;
  • questions and assignments designed to be completed as a single homework;
  • a research project which may take place over an extended period of time.

Students and parents can access all aspects of homework through our web-based service “Show My Homework”.

The benefits of the system for parents are:

  • You can see exactly how much homework has been set, what it entails and the deadline for each piece
  • Resources are attached so it is much easier for you to support and engage with your child’s home learning
  • All homework details are accessible 24/7, long after the school day ends
  • You can choose to have key information sent to you automatically at regular intervals

Homework should never be a battle between you and your child and Show My Homework has been designed with the busy parent in mind, equipping you with all the details you need to help your child to succeed.  Using Show My Homework means that parents/carers can take a more proactive role in their children’s home learning; keeping tabs on your child's homework and helping them to prioritise without being intrusive as both student and parent/carer have different log-ins and webpages to view.

How does it work?

All teachers create and publish their homework online on the Show My Homework platform.

Parents can check the homework set, and whether or not completed work has been acknowledged as submitted by teaching staff.  As a parent, you can access the system by clicking the SMH icon on the school website and entering your unique parent PIN number which will be provided for you when your child joins the school.  Just like you, your child will also receive a unique PIN number to access the system and by logging in, you and your child can see just the homework relevant to you.

There is also a Show My Homework app for parents and students to use on their smartphones; visit your app store and search for "Show My Homework"; sign in with your unique PIN number and you can access homework details direct from your mobile device.  If you use the mobile app, you can even receive automatic due date reminders to let you know when homework is due to be handed in!

To find out more about how “Show My Homework” works, please use their website (showmyhomework.co.uk) from which you will be able to access a parent support pack or watch the parent tutorial video.  You can also e-mail help@showmyhomework.co.uk for extra support if there is a problem with your PIN.