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Corfe Hills School

Logging in to school websites

The school uses a number of websites to aid students with their learning. Below is the information on how to access these sites:

Microsoft 365:

Microsoft 365 is a suite of applications which includes Outlook (school email), OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, Stream, and the Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Students can access the Microsoft 365 suite by going to https://login.microsoftonline.com and entering their school email address (username@corfehills.net) and the password for their school computer account.

Direct links to some of the services are below:

SharePoint - https://corfehills.sharepoint.com/sites/CHS-Home
OneDrive - https://corfehills-my.sharepoint.com/
Outlook - https://outlook.office.com/
Teams - https://teams.microsoft.com/
Stream - https://web.microsoftstream.com/

If students are accessing via a mobile device, they can also download the relevant apps for the products listed above.


Hegarty Maths:

To log in to Hegarty Maths students need to go to https://hegartymaths.com 

Hegarty provide detailed instructions on how to log in here - https://help.hegartymaths.com/help/how-does-a-student-login


My GCSE Science:

My GCSE Science is available by going to https://www.my-gcsescience.com/

Students can log in using their school email address and their password will be given to them by their Science teacher. If students cannot remember their password they can reset it by clicking the 'Forgot your password' link on the login page and entering their school email address.



To access Kerboodle students need to go to  https://www.kerboodle.com 

Their username is the same as their school computer account and, if they have never logged in before, their password is set to their username (all in lower case). It will ask them to set a new password when they log in the first time.

They will also need to enter an 'Institution code' which is nrs6

If students forget their password they can reset it by clicking the 'Trouble logging in?' link on the sign in page to reset it using their school email account.