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Corfe Hills School

James McVey of the Vamps returns to Corfe Hills School

A GLOBAL popstar has paid a special visit to the Dorset school he attended as a child.

James McVey of the Vamps visited Corfe Hills School on Tuesday as part of the BBC’s ‘Share Your Story’ program.

James spoke to current students about his life in a boy band and discussed a range of important topics including body image, male emotion, individuality, and the importance of perseverance.

 James attended Corfe Hills School school between 2006 and 2012.  Corfe Hills said it was a
‘pleasure’ to welcome back their former student, and have thanked the BBC, and its current
students for making the visit so successful.

The Vamps are due to play a date at the BIC in November this year.  Growing up in Wimborne,
James was a regular on the Bournemouth scene, making the band’s trip to the town even
more special.

Speaking to the Daily Echo earlier this year, he said: “It’s always nice coming home. It’s nice
for my mates to come as well. They always come to a couple of the shows but there’s
something nice about them seeing it in Bournemouth."

James added: “My first ever gig was actually the BIC when I was like 12, and playing at the
Old Fire Station was cool because that was one of my other first shows. So, I’ve kind of ticked
off two places I used to go before The Vamps.”

But it is not just James who sung Bournemouth’s praises; Bradley, Connor and Tristan seemed
just as fond of the town.

Bradley said: “We know Bournemouth very well because James used to take us joy riding
around the streets.

“The fans welcome us with open hours. The last venue we did- the Old Fire Station
was really good. It’s a very beautiful venue.