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Corfe Hills School

Poetry and Prose Competition

Congratulations to our prize winning poets and writers, from Year 9 – 13 Corfe Hills Students.

They wrote poetry and prose inspired by Nature for a competition after attending writing workshops run by our English department during Lockdown.

It was inspiring to see our young writers look past the hardships of Lockdown and focus on the beauty of nature.

Extract from The Lighthouse by Emily-Rose Paterson

A little fish, yes that’s me,

Swimming freely in the great vast sea,

All the shades of blue scattered across my home,

Turquoise, Cyan, Maya... every single one known.

Sun, like a warm hug shimmering on my scales,

The current sways me and my mind trails,

I swim so far towards the marmalade skies,

But the sea turns dark before my eyes.


Prize winners:


Year 11 Charlotte Parkin - Corfe Hills School

Year 11 Emily-Rose Paterson - Corfe Hills School


Year 11 Abigail Westcott - Corfe Hills School