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School Census Information

The return of the school census is a statutory requirement placed on schools. Whilst it is not possible for a parent / guardian or individual child to opt out of the school census collection, parents / guardians or the pupil retain a right to decline to provide this information.  

Schools are required to provide information on the nationality, country of birth and English language proficiency of pupils, solely for the purpose of internal educational research by the DfE (information is not shared with any third party (including other government departments)). We do not need to see any documentation (such as a passport or birth certificate) to verify the nationality and country of birth information declared.

The return of nationality and country of birth data is completely optional and parents are under no obligation to provide this data if they do not want to. You are able to retract previously provided nationality and country of birth data* at any time by contacting the SIMS Data Manager by email (njclark@corfehills.net) or telephone (01202 006666).

Any changes notified in advance of the respective census date will be reflected in that census. Changes notified after the relevant census day will be reflected in the following census.