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Corfe Hills School

School Uniform

and Equipment List

The school requires students in Years 9, 10 and 11 to wear formal uniform.

Real importance is attached to this aspect of school life, since the wearing of a uniform is an outward sign of the student’s commitment to the school.

Students have to wear the correct school uniform and be consistently smart in their appearance. The school uniform can accommodate faith requirements.

Students are expected to wear full uniform to and from school.

Blazers, ties, jumpers and PE kit must be purchased from our official school uniform suppliers but other items of uniform are available more widely.

Uniform Suppliers

Bartlett’s Schoolwear                                        

52 King Street


BH21 1EB                                                        

01202 856205              



            PMG Schoolwear

            85 High Street  


            BH15 1AH                                

            01202 686688



Main School Dress Code 

  • Trousers and skirts must be plain black.  Trousers must be full length and tailored at the waist, no cargo pockets, and not excessively long, flared, low waisted, baggy or skin tight.  Skirts are to be the approved style and box pleated.
  • Blouses and shirts must be white. All shirts must be tucked in and worn smartly.  If a T- shirt skin is to be worn under a school shirt in cold weather then it must be white, with no visible logos and not visible at the neck.
  • Alternatively an optional fitted blue jumper with school logo and purchased from our suppliers will be available to wear under the compulsory blazer should individuals prefer this for warmth. There is no obligation to purchase this item.  Jumpers can only be worn after the October half term. The school blazer is a compulsory piece of uniform which must be worn at all times and is purchased from our uniform suppliers.
  • School tie (boys only) - blue with the school logo, worn in a "business” style and not as part of an open neck shirt. Ties should be properly done up with the visible part of the tie approximately 30cms in length. 
  • Shoes should be black. Fashion boots, trainers, skate/leisure shoes, mules or flip flops are not allowed.  Any uncertainties should be clarified by contacting the school before the end of term.  Socks should be black or white.  Tights should be black; footless tights of any length are not allowed.
  • Headwear, other than faith requirements, is not permitted inside the school buildings.
  • Outer wear should be smart. This aspect of the school uniform is especially important, since it is the outsider’s view of Corfe Hills School.  Students are expected to wear full uniform to and from school
  • A student’s general appearance should be suitable for school: no “extremes of fashion” in makeup or hairstyles, including colour, are allowed.
  • The only jewellery that should be worn is a watch and a pair of studs (plastic nose retainers and smart watches are not allowed).
  • Nail polish of any colour is not to be worn and we do not allow any false nails, nail polish or false eyelashes.

PE Kit

PE Kit is also supplied via our uniform suppliers and the list of compulsory items is below.

  1. All students should have a pair of training shoes suitable for use in the sports hall and a pair of studded shoes for the playing field. Skate leisure shoes are not acceptable.
  2. All long hair is expected to be tied back in lessons. All jewellery is to be removed for safety reasons. Failure to do so will result in a sanction.
  3. Football - it is highly recommended that all students playing football should wear studded shoes and shin guards. For any student playing in a competitive situation, this would be mandatory.
  4. Hockey - shin guards are recommended for all students when playing hockey and a gum shield is also highly desirable. Team players must have shin guards and gum shields.
  5. Rugby - the wearing of gum shields is recommended by the RFU for any student involved in contact rugby.
  6. All items of clothing must be named. Any named lost property will be returned to the student but unnamed items will be kept in Reception for a period of time.

Boys’ Compulsory Items:

Corfe Hills embroidered shorts, Corfe Hills embroidered short sleeved rugby shirt, Corfe Hills navy socks, sports trainers/studded boots for playing field, gum shield

Girls’ Compulsory Items:

Corfe Hills embroidered shorts, Corfe Hills embroidered short sleeved polo shirt, Corfe Hills navy socks, sports trainers/studded boots for playing field

Optional Items:

Corfe Hills embroidered leggings, hoodies and tracksuit trousers are available

Please note: Non CHS leggings can only be worn if under CHS branded shorts

Non CHS base layers can only be worn if under CHS branded polo/rugby shirt

Sixth Form Dress Code

There is no specific Sixth Form uniform but like any working, professional environment we expect students to adopt a mature approach which means a dress code mirroring the high standards expected in business as we aim to prepare students to become tomorrow’s leaders and managers.

Clothing allowed:

  • Shirts/Blouses
  • Plain Jumpers/Cardigans
  • Ties
  • Suits
  • Long Trousers
  • Dresses/Skirts 
  • Black Jeans
  • Footwear: Smart shoes or plain black trainers

Hair: Natural colours.

Jewellery: Items of jewellery must be appropriate to a professional working environment.  We allow the wearing of nose studs for Sixth Form students but no other facial piercing. 

Clothing not allowed: Hoodies/zip-ups, Non-black denim, Faded black denim, Non-black trainers, Crop tops, Jogging/sportwear trousers, Leggings, Shorts, Open-toed shoes.

If there is any uncertainty regarding the appropriateness of a particular item please check with the Sixth Form Year Office before purchasing the item.  Any student who is inappropriately dressed will be sent home to change. As a general rule, students should wear clothes which cover their bodies from shoulder to shoulder and down to the knee. 

Equipment Checklist

All students should attend school with the correct equipment as they will not be able to borrow equipment from the school or other students. The full equipment list is listed below for you. Students will need to carry their equipment in a 30cm clear, plastic pencil case. This means that it is easy to check that students have the correct equipment and is also preparing them for their assessments/examinations when they will require a clear pencil case. Sixth Form students will only need to bring a scientific calculator if they are studying a subject that requires one. 

30 cm ruler

1 black biro and 1 blue biro

1 Purple pen and 1 green pen



Pencil sharpener



Scientific calculator

1 white board pen and white board

Glue stick

30cm clear, plastic pencil case