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Corfe Hills School


Travel Arrangements

Students travel to school by a variety of methods:


Students are expected to walk safely to school showing respect to the local community in the use of pavements and footpaths.

The pedestrian crossing for the Higher Blandford Road crossing outside the front school exit should be used to assist road safety.


Students who cycle must walk their bike in and out of school when on the school premises to protect the safety of themselves and others.

Students who cycle must lock their bike in the racks provided. All cyclist must wear a cycle helmet and suitable clothing and have lights for the winter months.

Poole Cycle Route Map

Poole Cycle Route Map

By Car

Students are encouraged to share transport and many lift rotas exist.

If travelling to school by car, please use the main school entrance by the roundabout as a dropping off point, for reasons of safety the entry into the staff car park is discouraged in the morning.

Picking up in the evening can occur from both car parks. This is a very busy time and some delays will be incurred due to traffic congestion especially during bad weather and on Friday afternoon. In all cases please drive slowly and carefully giving due care to the areas designated to bus parking and exits.


The school is well served by an extensive network of buses.

Buses are laid on by Dorset County Council for students living in Sturminster Marshall and by Poole Borough Council for those in Merley and Canford Magna. Students are expected to travel safely and show respect on all occasions and this is fundamental to their use of the school transport.

From January 2020 - Departure times of buses at the end of the school day.

Bus Route

Departure time
(Monday to Wednesday)

Departure Time (Thursday & Friday)

Merley – Broadstone Middle School




 Sturminster Marshall




 Colehill – Corfe Hills School




For more information on routes please click on links below.

Route - MQ002

Route MQ004

Route 425

Details about other public routes that can be used from Broadstone Broadway and Lancaster Drive at the back of the school can be found at the following links:

Morebus Service 3

Morebus Service 4

Eligibility for School Buses

This information relates to students living within Poole.

The table below shows the criteria a child needs to meet in order to qualify for transport assistance.

This is a summary - the Borough of Poole’s full Home to School Transport Policy is published on their website:



Distance between home and school

Do I have to be on a low income to qualify?

Nearest suitable school (or catchment)

3 miles or more


Nearest suitable school (or catchment)

2 miles or more


One of the 3 nearest suitable schools

Between 2 and 6 miles


Nearest suitable denominational school - attended for religious reasons

Between 2 and 15 miles


  • Your nearest suitable school is usually your catchment area school, but not always
  • If you are not offered a place at your nearest suitable school you may still be eligible for transport assistance provided your child attends the next nearest school with a place available and meets the criteria in the table above.

  • If you are not offered a place at your catchment area or nearest suitable school because you did not apply or your application was late, you will not be eligible for transport assistance.

    The distance to the school is measured along the shortest, practical walking route using public roads and footpaths which would be safe for an accompanied child. Measurements are completed using Geographical Information System (GIS) maps, provided by Ordnance Survey. This is the Borough of Poole's published method of measuring and to ensure consistency alternative methods to determine distance (e.g. AA Routefinder, pedometers ect) are not used.

This information relates to students living within Dorset.

Free school transport is for children from reception up to Year 11 who meet the eligibility criteria.  The table shows which students are eligible.  This is based on the safe walking distance from the school and other criteria:

Year group

School type

Distance from school

Additional criteria

Reception to year 4

Catchment or nearest

2 or more miles (shortest walking)


Year 5 to year 11

Catchment or nearest

3 or more miles (shortest walking)


Year 5 to year 6

Catchment or nearest

2 or more miles (shortest walking)

See website for qualifying benefits.

Year 7 to year 11

3 nearest schools

Between 2 miles (shortest walking) and 6 miles (shortest driven)

Year 7 to year 11

Nearest religious/faith school

Between 2 miles (shortest walking) and 15 miles (shortest driven)

Contact Us

For further information regarding school transport the following people can be contacted:

Name of Person


Contact Number/ e-mail

Education Awards Team

Poole Council

01202 634250

Simon Horlock
Passenger Support Officer

Dorset Passenger Transport

01305 225164


Corfe Hills School

01202 656300

Students riding/ driving to School

Year 11 students requesting to ride to school on their Moped must request permission from the Year Office and if successful in their request complete an application form and submit with relevant paperwork (MOT and insurance certificates).

Sixth Form students who wish to drive to school by car or motorcycle must seek permission through obtaining an application form and supply relevant paperwork (insurance and MOT certificates). Students will also be expected to have a permit on display. Further information and an application form can be obtained from the sixth form office.