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Corfe Hills School

Year 12 - Year 13 Curriculum

Sixth Form Curriculum

The norm for Year 12 and Year 13 is to take three A Level (or equivalent) courses.  Each subject has 9 hours a fortnight taught time.  In addition there will be an opportunity for students to take the Extended Project Qualification (an investigation into a subject of particular interest) and all students will work towards the completion of the Corfe Hills Senior Diploma.

The Senior Diploma combines aspects of personal and professional development:

  • To make each student as employable as possible
  • To raise confidence and aspiration
  • To provide further pathways through to employment
  • To develop stronger links within school and wider community
  • There is an expectation that every student will volunteer at least one period of each week to support others.

All Sixth Form students have a tutor session and an assembly as well as timetabled study sessions in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC).  During Independent Study periods, students have access to a range of work rooms, Shades and Choices Café and the LRC.