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Corfe Hills School

Year 9 - 11 Admission Arrangements

Corfe Hills School Admissions

There are two different types of admissions at Corfe Hills. 

1) Transfer to Year 9 in September
2) An ‘In Year’ admission which is when you wish to change your child’s school throughout the school year or you are applying for a place in September which is outside of the normal Year 9 new intake.

How do I apply?

You need to apply through the Local Authority in which you live. 

When applying, please note Corfe Hills School is a Poole School (not Dorset). 

For Parents/Carers living in the BCP Council area please see the following website for details of how to apply and closing dates (for Transfer to Year 9).  The Guide to Admissions for Schools in Poole can also be viewed on this website.

For Parents/Carers living outside the BCP Council area, please see your local authority website.

BCP Council School Admissions

For Transfer to Year 9 - September Entry

For Transfer to Year 9 please follow the link above to the BCP Council website and apply through the Secondary School Admissions link of your local authority.  Please ensure that you have made your application by the closing date which will be advised on the above website.

Corfe Hills School is its own admissions authority and we will be passed details of all applications that name Corfe Hills School.  We will then rank the applications according to our oversubscription criteria.  These are available from the school as a separate document.  Places will then be allocated by BCP Council.

All letters offering places will be issued by BCP Council in March.  Any applicants who are unsuccessful will have the opportunity to appeal to an independent appeals panel and be sent information about how to do this at this time.

For In Year Entry

For In Year entry please follow the link above to the BCP Council website and apply through the In Year Admissions link of your local authority. 

Corfe Hills School will receive details of applications from the local authority and we will then be able to make a decision on whether a place is able to be offered. 

You will be informed by the local authority whether or not your child has been successful in gaining a place here at Corfe Hills.

If you have any further questions, please email admissions@corfehills.net.

To make an initial enquiry, book a tour or arrange to speak to a member of staff, please complete our enquiry form. 

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